Thursday, 6 June 2013

First squashes planted

I might have lost the gardeners delight tomatoes as they were left in the closed greenhouse all morning, poor things look very distressed, the top leaves are very droopy. The smaller tomatoes have coped better.

The weather got out nice again this afternoon, so down to the plot I went.
I took the three round courgettes with me and planted them out.  I put the cloche over them until they get used to the great outdoors.
Only another 15 odd to go...
Watered the celeriac that I installed yesterday.  Snails have been at one of them already, so I scattered pellets.
I can't decide whether the sweetcorn is recovering.  This is what they were like when I first planted them on 22nd May(not a good picture with the sun on the leaves)
and this is what they are like now,

some have died, but the survivors don't look much different.
Sowed some seeds around the plot, spinach beet, calendula, nigella and did some weeding and watering.
Had to put another row of string around the peas, so they must be growing after all. The growth has been pretty imperceptible so far.
There are some berries on the strawberry plants.
The only seedlings left unplanted in the cold frame are the leeks waiting to get to "pencil thickness" as the books say.  I've always planted them when they are like blades of grass, but I am going to be patient this year, mainly because I haven't got anywhere to put them yet.

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