Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'll only be a minute...

I cut the grass at home again, I seem to be at it every week at the moment. Weeded, watered.

I only went to the allotment for a few minutes to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse...Came away an hour and a half later...

Picked almost a pound of strawberries
       and  6 mangetout (they may be ordinary peas, but at this stage they are all mangetout) and some broad beans
and pulled out some more winter onions, they are doing their job of filling the "hunger gap"
and cut some flowers from the cut flower bed - don't you just love it when a plan comes together!
One of the pumpkins has died, the main stem either broken or chewed by something, and one of the La Diva cucumbers has just shrivelled up.

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  1. It must be lovely to be harvesting your crops. So far we have only harvested Tayberries. We have a slug problem here is Sussex and everything is growing VERY slowly. Take care now. Marion