Sunday, 16 June 2013

lots of things flowering

The plot is promising lots of good things at the moment.

The strawberry crop is looking promising

The mystery squash installed in its new home 

I think the sweetcorn are looking greener...or is it just wishful thinking...
 The comfrey patch is in full flower so I cut a few stalks down for comfrey tea (such a nice name for such an amazingly smelly thing)

 I will leave some for the bees, but will cut some more for the compost heap. I used up the remainder of last year's batch on the squashes and it didn't have any smell at all.

The current warm, moist weather has set the broad beans away and they are growing well.

I've got flowers on the peas, but none on the sweet peas yet...

Flowers on the Kestrel potatoes

and the runner beans seem to have recovered from the shock of transplanting and are twining up the canes in an orderly fashion.

The weeds are growing well so I spent some time weeding and hoeing, but not enough, there are still plenty left for another day.

At home; tokyo bekana and purple queen dwarf french beans at 11 days since sowing

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  1. Now I have seen your healthy happy Beans I will be sowing ours in the Greenhouse and transplant them next year. With this unpredictable weather ours are very slow growing outdoors. Marion x