Saturday, 15 June 2013

mystery squash leaves home

The mystery squash decided it has had enough and the stem concertinaed down the support cane, and it ended up in a heap on the floor.  The squash fruit is quite heavy so I am surprised it hung on for so long.  It was time for it to greet the great outdoors.  I tottered down to the plot with it and installed it on the mix of compost, soil, pig muck and pony manure that is in the compost bin.  I left a side off to give the plant light, but it looks quite snug coiled in the bottom. (Forgot camera and phone so pics tomorrow)
The pumpkins etc. are looking a bit battered, we are getting a strong south wind and all the protection I have installed is east to west!  Doh! Why hadn't I considered that possibility?
But they look okay apart from being a bit frazzled.

The pear tree has two potential pears on it, let us hope it doesn't have a "June drop".

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