Thursday, 13 June 2013


Some rain at last, still not a lot so far, but I'm frightened to complain in case the rain god hears me..

I woke up early and the sun was shining so I had to get up and out double quick to open the flap of the tomato growhouse, as it gets all the rays first thing.  It was all steamed up inside when I opened it up, but they look okay even though the thermometer read 31C.

 I spent some time admiring the butternut, it is about 4 inches long now.

The water on the broad bean leaves had made them flop over so I installed another row of string.


  1. I have sown some Butternut Squash seeds and check every day to see if they have come up...not yet. I am green with envy looking at your happy specimen. Take care. Marion

  2. Marion, this one has been on the go since November. Thanks for your comments...