Monday, 3 June 2013

Red hot!

A lovely day so I scrabbled around and found my sunglasses (covered in dust) and a hat, and went to the allotment. I soon discarded both because the sunglasses were uncomfortable compared to my proper glasses and the hat made my head hot. I'm just not used to hot weather.

I planted the rest of the runner bean plants that were a bit slower to germinate.  The ones I put in earlier are looking quite good.  They had some really big first leaves on, which have caught the wind and are looking tattered, but the main stems are looking good and winding around the canes like they are supposed to.

Everything was looking surprisingly chipper, I thought it would all need watering, but even the tomatillos looked okay.
I watered the peas and beans just in case, as I read that if they are well watered in their early life they do better later.  It didn't work last year, but then nothing worked last year (except garlic)

I gave the brassica bed the thumbs down.  I picked the last lot of psb and dug the rest out.  The caulis were about 2 feet tall, the cabbages were teeny and the psb was just about finished.  All the labels had strewn themselves about, so it could have been the cabbages that were 2 feet tall and the caulis tiny.  Whichever way it was, they are on the compost heap now.
I did a cursory ph test on the bed after the brassicas came out and it looks to be pretty acid.  On checking, cucumber likes a fairly acid soil, so that is where some of them are going(I have two kinds growing and apparently I should keep them separate as La diva shouldn't be pollinated, but Marketmore 76 should.) I didn't find out what kind of soil the courgettes like but I'm guessing that they like similar conditions to cucumbers so I can put some there too.

The netting in the background, I have brought home and after some de-soiling, I'm going to put it through the washing machine, hopefully to get rid of the green edges.

Some of the smallest of yellow sweetcorn have died, but some of the bigger one are holding their own.

The bluebells are lovely at the moment, I'm still trying to decide whether they are English or johnny foreigners, Spanish.

 The garlic is getting tall.

And the blossom on one of the apple trees is fabulous, and the bees from the nearby hives love it too. The other old tree has nowhere near as much blossom so far, but it might just be a bit later.

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  1. Weather has been magic up here the last few days eh? Great to see things taking off a bit, your patch is looking lovely.