Monday, 10 June 2013

Sick apple trees

The apple trees that I bought last November aren't looking happy.  One, the Howgate Wonder looks particularly UN-happy.  It was late in getting going, very few leaves and some are turning brown. The leaf buds near the top have died completely.
Howgate Wonder in soil
So on advice from the nursery I have dug it up and planted it into a pot for the time being.
Howgate Wonder potted up
The other tree, (Kidd's Orange Red) bought at the same time is looking a bit more healthy, it has plenty new leaves and none of them brown like the Howgate Wonder, but it hasn't blossomed and was definitely later than the potted ones.  Possibly the first two were younger trees, I can't remember taking note of how old they were and there is nothing on the labels to tell me, but the ones in pots bought in January are flowering and have 2-year-old written on the labels.
Kidd's Orange Red
As it might be just a bit slow in getting established in what is obviously poor soil, I am going to leave it in the ground for now, and see how it goes.

One of the tomatillo plants has some flower buds.

The onions are starting to go to seed, I thought it was just the winter onions but I found a couple of flower stalks on the red maincrop onions too.

The plot is now officially full.  I don't know where I'm going to put these purple french beans.  I know! I can inter plant the sweetcorn with them, I don't think they are going to full term anyway, they are still looking quite yellow even after their dose of ammonium sulphate.

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