Saturday, 1 June 2013

tomatillos planted out

It has been quite mild for a few days and the soil feels warmish, so I planted out four of the tomatillo plants on the west side of the hugelkultur bed.  They will get the sun (also the prevailing wind, unfortunately) and hopefully be a bit sheltered.  If the wind blows them over, well, apparently they fall over anyway when they reach about a foot high, and start growing roots from the the stems.

I can start acclimatising the courgettes and cucumbers if it stays warm.

I dug a bit more of the gate patch and planted some antirrhinums and some sweet williams.

I'm moving all the plants I can from the back garden as next door's is getting re-pointed and everything will be covered in red dust on Monday and Tuesday. The squashes can go in the blowaway.

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