Friday, 5 July 2013


The carrots have been under fleece for the last few weeks, because I thought I spotted a carrot fly perched on the edge of their box.  I checked t'internet for pics of carrot flies and strangely got quite a variation in what a carrot fly actually looks like.   So, no further forward, and just in case, I fashioned a fleece teacosy to put on the top of the box.  The only trouble is it means it is "out of sight, out of mind" and I keep forgetting about them (not that that is necessarily a bad thing, as I do tend to mother my plants a bit too much)

But they are looking good!....
 If a little dinky....


  1. WOW ! I would be so happy if I could grow Carrots like yours. I have tried so many times without success. I have sown some but they are growing very slowly. What do you feed yours ? Marion

  2. Its perhaps hard to tell, but they are only a couple of inches long, so far. I haven't fed them much except what the rest of the containers got, some miracle-gro. They grow much better in a container than the soil and they have been loving this dry, sunny weather.