Tuesday, 23 July 2013

drying beans

After clearing the bean bed I took about half a hundredweight of beans home.
It took me about an hour to shell them all and I ended up with a 1.5 litre jug full of beans, some big, some small. The smaller ones I have frozen and the big ones I have dried in the oven on its lowest setting. (The dark ones are red epicure and the lighter ones are Bunyards Exhibition.)

The oven temperature won't go lower than 200F which is not really cool enough for drying, and seems to be expensive on gas. So I have sent away for a dehydrator and I'm going to give drying a go.  It's that or get a bigger freezer which I haven't got the space for anyway.

I read that the La Diva cucumbers need to have the male flowers removed, and the growing tip should be nipped out at five or six leaves.  So I hotfooted it to the plot to check them out. I couldn't find any male flowers, so either there wasn't any or I don't know what they look like.  All the flowers, both current and ex, had mini cukes behind them, but nothing bigger than an inch long, whereas the Marketmore has produced two 6 inch fruits already.
And as for nipping them out at 6 leaves, it was way too late for that, so I nipped a few random growing tips out and left it at that.

One runner bean is big enough to pick, but I think we will wait for some more to grow up. They are looking promising, I might have enough to dehydrate!

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