Friday, 26 July 2013


There has been some rain at last, but only about 20 minutes of proper rain yesterday, so still watering as it is still very warm.  The squashes are looking really well, though, and the courgettes are producing at a rate I can cope with.

Took about 8 good sized runner beans off today, the first ones this year. They seem to have appeared overnight, I'm sure they were nowhere near that size yesterday.

I was going to dig over the potato bed, but I was too tired and hot after my morning at Moorbank, so I watered the greenhouse, weeded a bit, picked the runners.  The leeks will have to wait a while longer.

Sowed some Hispi cabbage in two five inch pots.

A friend let me pick some of their huge bed of strawberries, so I could try them out in the new dehydrator.

I put in strawberries and broad beans, and the cloth in the bottom one is to stop cranberries from falling through the holes.  These cranberries have been in the freezer since last year because we overbought and there is a limit to how much cranberry sauce we can eat at Christmas.  So, as I like dried cranberries with my cereal for breakfast, I thought I would try drying them.  I'm hoping that the cloth won't interfere with the circulation of air.  The instructions are pretty minimal, so I am feeling my way along here.

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