Thursday, 4 July 2013

Garlic not ready

One of the pyrethrums in the front has this flower, quite pretty, and looks normal at first ...
 but it has a double flower, not like normal double flowers which have double amounts of petals..
 it has got a double head, like a conjoined twin.  Very odd, and not just the one flower on that plant, all its flowers are like that. Maybe pyrethrum are prone to this doubling, I don't know.
It is a perennial, so it will be interesting to see if it is the same next year.
I dug up some garlic (I'm desperate to find a space for the kale, pak choi and leeks, all waiting to take their chance), and at first I thought that they hadn't cloved (cloven?) because it looked like a smooth, round  bulb.  But I peeled back about four thick layers of outside skin and there they were, pale and blinking in the light.  I think perhaps they are not ready yet, so I had better leave them a bit longer.

I'm not sure if the round courgette is the right size, the biggest one was just smaller than a tennis ball, but it was so pretty, I couldn't leave it any longer at the mercy of weather and slugs

 So this was our tea today, mangetout, broad beans, tondo di piacenza, winter onions and kestrel potatoes.  With the addition of some shredded cabbage(shop-bought) to the stir-fry and grilled, marinated chicken breasts, it was very nice.  And strawberries to follow....

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