Monday, 8 July 2013

garlic out, psb in

I picked another couple of pounds of strawberries.  The berries are big and luscious looking, but I don't think the flavour matches 2011. The fruit from the "new" bed is especially fine looking, and there is a marked difference between the new and old beds.  I reckon that it is right that at 3 years they reach their best, that was 2011, 2012 doesn't count, everything was poor that year. My new bed is now in its second year, so that means take runners next year and start a new "new" bed the year after.

I was going to pick some cosmos and sweet peas to take home, but I remembered that we are being inspected some time in the next few days, so I left them to look pretty.

Despite me saying that I'm not having any brassicas this year, I bought a tray of summer psb.  I already had some kale and pak choi seedlings on the go, and they desperately need somewhere to go. So I have dug up some of the garlic, which looks just about ready now, the bulbs have turned purple now and the leaf tips are brown.  (No rust this year, I note, but quite a few have secondary cloves growing in the stems, hardnecks do that, according to MGG.)  There are still some onions growing at one end of the bed but there is enough room for all three of the brassicas.  I'm not going to grow any cabbage etc. as in previous years I have ended the season by eating one or two and the rest go on the compost heap.
I must remember to put the pak choi in the shade of the fence as they don't like to get too hot.

I've still got to find a place for the leeks.

The sweetcorn has tassels developing among its top leaves, they are looking really healthy now.

I took some photos of the plants I grew from the Which? seeds, most of them are looking quite unspectacular, but the one surviving petunia is pretty

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