Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pear rust

It has been very hot today, the temperature in the back garden reached 29C (84F) at one point today.  All the plants are drooping and the greenhouses are like ovens.
Summer has definitely arrived when the  front room window gets opened!
Plantsmeister Dave has left me in charge of his greenhouse, I can't afford to let his tomatoes get overheated, so I have to be on watering and airing duty 24/7.

Picked more strawberries and a lovely bunch of sweet peas....
...and the scent is heavenly.

One of the tondo di pacienza (I like saying that, it seems so much more exotic than round courgettes) is tote and the other two don't look very happy either.  But there are 2 fruits on one of the ordinary shaped courgettes, very slim at the moment, but give them a couple of days and they will be toast (or grilled).  There are also several fruits on the vegetable spaghetti, pumpkins and winter squashes. The cucumbers haven't done much at all (apart from die).

I was looking at my pear tree and it has now only one pear, the June drop has occurred. But more worrying it has strange bright orange spots on some of its leaves.  I stripped off all the affected leaves and am disposing of them in the rubbish bin at home, just in case it is something nasty.
I have just googled it and have come up with the RHS telling me that it is Pear Rust, it seems a pretty clear diagnosis.  I seem to have done the right thing in taking off the leaves, I will have to check more thoroughly tomorrow.  The disease's co-host is juniper, I don't know if there are any junipers nearby though, I'm not even sure what one looks like. Prickly if my memories from Lake District holidays are correct.  
The RHS is doing a survey of trees with European Pear Rust so I have joined Treewatch, and apparently mine is one of 5 trees that have been reported, in north-east England  
I'll have to take a tape measure and get the tree's vital statistics tomorrow.  

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