Tuesday, 9 July 2013

garlic out, psb in part II

I finished digging up the garlic, the crop looks okay, not huge, but usable. The shallots on the right are very poor, many of them failed in the early days and only a handful have survived.
But the tops of the winter onions are starting to flop over, maybe I could put the leeks in there when they are out.  But I really don't want to put another type of onion in straight after, if I can help it, as I like to get some kind of a rotation of crops.
This may look like a patch of nasturtium, but it cunningly conceals the psb, hopefully from passing birds and egg laying insects.  There's some netting around, just in case.
a couple of the turnips have bolted so are on the compost heap but...
it looks like a sizeable one left in beside the beetroot.  These were both sown pretty early and two sowings were badly affected by something, and these are the only survivors of that batch.
It was pretty hot again, watering the greenhouse was like a sauna.  So I dug up another potato plant....
picked some mangetout, admired the peas, picked a bunch of sweet peas and a dish of strawberries and came home.

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