Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I was weeding around the onions and noticed the marked difference in size as they near the rhubarb. So, lesson learned, give rhubarb plenty of room. I wonder if a dose of miracle-gro will work.

This is the mystery squash I saved from a wintery doom last autumn, and what has happened? It has met a summery doom instead, but will provide us with a nice roast butternut soup, I hope.  I've got a few assorted courgettes which could go with it.

I have cucumbers....

Both on the marketmore, there are some vestigial ones on the la diva, but these ones grew overnight, it seems.  The veg spaghetti gets bigger every time I look at it.

The sweetcorn has tufty bits and fluffy bits
This is my view of the plot as I sit drinking my cup of coffee in the shade of the compost heap.
And mighty fine it is too, what a contrast to last year!

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