Monday, 29 July 2013

Leeks planted

Time to plant the leeks....

 I have decided to trim them at both ends to make them easier to plant. I haven't done this before but I gather it makes very little difference to the development of the leek and makes them easier to drop into the planting holes. The picture below is before trimming, although many of them had much more roots to trim

 And this is it after trimming.  I hope I haven't cut too much off, I'm relying on the leek's resilience to carry it through.

Not very good at straight lines.  The ground was raked over nice and level(ish) yesterday and because the soil was good and damp, the holes made with the fat dibber (spade handle) kept their shape allowing the trimmed leek to be neatly popped in.

 I then filled each hole with water to wash the soil around the roots, and job complete. (I left some of the leek tops untrimmed, to see if it made any difference)

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