Friday, 5 July 2013

Moorbank is closing

Did my turn volunteering at Moorbank this morning and it was particularly lovely, just bursting with flowers and new growth
 The herbaceous border is packed with all sorts

 No, this is not a close-up of the rhubarb, it is the gunnera and it must be easily 12 ft tall!
It is so different to last year when it was so cold and wet.  And look at the bark on this cherry tree, It is wonderful and you just have to touch it.

It is such a shame that it has to close in November, and the people of Newcastle will lose the lovely peaceful environment, along with many unusual species of plants. It is true that up till now, the garden has not been accessible to the majority of the population, but that was set to change when enough funds were raised to install some necessary facilities, such as its own gate and parking space. There is a petition HERE if anyone wants to help.

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