Saturday, 13 July 2013

onion marmalade

Still pretty warm, but there is a cool breeze making it very comfortable again
Not a lot to do on the plot, I'll leave it till tomorrow to pick peas and beans, and the strawberries seem to be slowing down a bit.
So I watered the squashes, picked another round courgette, (it's lovely,  just fits the hand nicely, like a tennis ball, but smooth)and two normal courgettes (stir-fry chicken for tea).
Checked the squashes, the veg spaghetti is getting quite big, and there are some tiny cucumbers on both the marketmore and la diva.  The squashes on the hugelkultur bed are looking particularly healthy.
One fruit on the sweet million tomato is turning yellow.

I used some of the winter onions to make some River Cottage sticky onion marmalade

Looking good!

Sowed some more tokyo bekana.

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