Sunday, 28 July 2013

rain at last

Lots of rain last night and this morning (bad for my son's roof, good for the garden), 33mm of rain recorded on the weather station, I think there has only been about 3mm in the previous four weeks. The wheelbarrow had a good four inches of water in, but the garden didn't flood so I was able to rake the empty potato bed into a fine tilth (ha ha) without the soil sticking to the rake all the time. I had things to do today so I didn't have time to put the leeks in but the bed is all ready. The damp, but not saturated soil made weeding a lot easier too.

Picked some more runner beans, they are coming on well, and the last of the broad beans.

Still waiting for the tomatoes to start ripening.  The 100s & 1000s are getting going but they are so tiny they can't be taken seriously, and there is one orange one on the Gardener's Delight outside, but the rest are slacking badly. The black russians are not fruiting at all, they have lots of flowers which just fall off leaving no fruit behind.  The others in the greenhouse seem to be getting pollinated okay, so I can't see why the black russians are so shy.

I picked a corncob but it wasn't ready even though the silks were quite brown.

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