Sunday, 21 July 2013

redcurrants harvested

There has been a little rain, but not enough to wet much. 0.6mm Friday night and 0.3mm on Saturday night, but it is overcast and muggy so things aren't drooping so much.

I weeded the cutting bed.  I had been leaving it thinking that the wild flower seed I chucked about last year might come up, but all I can see are some californian poppies, which I do love.

Instead the ground is covered with speedwell, which, in my mind's eye, I visualised as a carpet of blue with the white cosmos above, but the reality was a messy mass of greenish brown instead, as the lack of water and the heat seems to have discouraged most of the flowers.

The cosmos has coped very well with the dry conditions, there have been loads of flowers even though I have hardly watered that bed at all.

It is quite easy to weed the speedwell as it comes up in a lump if you chip away at the base with the trowel and just roll the top growth back, it is quite satisfying to make a big impression on it in a short time. The knotgrass in amongst it isn't so easy, as it has tough stems which need to be dug out.

Harvested the redcurrants yesterday.  Got about half a pound of fruit, enough to half fill a punnet which isn't bad from a plant I thought was dead last year. They are in the freezer to use with other fruit.

Picked more sweet peas.

They have been wonderful this year, long straight stems and the smell....There is a vase in every room and fresh ones every two or three days.

The tomatillos haven't grown very tall, but they seem to have plenty of little lanterns on.  Not sure if there is any fruits inside though.

 The maincrop onions are starting to turn their tops over already, not huge bulbs either and still quite green.  It is probably the lack of water.

 Runner beans developing....

 And at home in the back garden we have a proper carrot! Well, we was just bite sized.

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