Friday, 12 July 2013

still hot!

It is still very hot, I can't really believe it, north-east England just doesn't do hot! I've just been out to the garden and the temperature in the tomatoes' open growhouse is 21C at 10.45pm!

The tomatoes are doing well, they are loving the heat, lots of flowers on all of them, even the pomodoro marmande on the left of the picture below, which was the last one to be potted up.  But the 100s & 1000s on the right has gone completely mad!
I nipped to the plot this afternoon but it was just too hot to do anything except water the squashes and the brassica seedlings.  So scuttled back to the shelter of the front room and tea in front of the breeze coming through the open window.  Yes! the front room window has been opened again!  Twice in one summer is almost unheard of.

Cropped some of the tokyo bekana.
It tasted nice, without the bitterness that sometimes comes with lettuce, but a bit tough and chewy. That could be because it has been in its pot for too long, the dryness has meant slow growing which could have contributed to the toughness.  I'm going to put another lot on the go, but I think it would be best to keep it inside the house while this hot weather continues.

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