Sunday, 7 July 2013

summer pruning

I took a load of pictures of the allotment today, too many to post here, but if you would like to see them click HERE and choose the slideshow.

The weather is still brilliant, a bit less sunny today, but still very warm.
I summer pruned the old apple trees and took off lots of baby apples leaving only one apple at each node. Ooo, I was ruthless!

The last leaf came off the poorly apple tree, I think it can be declared dead now.  I will leave it until next spring just in case.

The tomatilloes have fruits, you can just see one behind the leaf stem.
the tomatoes I planted in the greenhouse are looking good and the sweet million which were looking quite distressed have turned green again.

Men's final at Wimbledon so no plot for a couple of hours.

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  1. I have just shown my Daughter your Slideshow. WOW ! We have a lot to learn. Our Broad Beans are a big tangle so we looked carefully at how you have supported yours. What a clever idea to have bottles around your beds. Thank you for showing us your Allotment Anne. Marion