Tuesday, 23 July 2013

broad beans are finished

The broad beans are finished.  A scene of devastation!
We were getting a bit beaned out, broad beans for dinner every other day for two weeks is quite enough until next year.  I have cut most (there are still a few young pods on) of the stalks down and they are on the compost heap and I'm leaving the roots to die back (if they do, last year there was a second flush)unless I need the bed for something else.

I'm going to have to think of something to fill the empty beds soon.
  1. Bed E is where the broad beans were,
  2. bed H is a potato bed and I'm going to dig them all out soon.  
  3. The three onion beds will be ready to come out soon. This is the last of the winter onions.
  4. The old strawberry bed is finished and those plants are coming out.
I don't particularly want to plant any more brassicas, although some spring cabbage might come in useful, but there isn't any room in the tunnel at the moment.  Maybe I could put some under a cloche until the tunnel is free of onions.

There are the leeks, of course, patiently waiting for their turn in the soil.  I will put them in the potato bed, I think.

I will put some field beans in the old strawberry bed as green manure, and I could put phacelia in somewhere else.  I have a book on growing winter vegetables, so when I have skimmed that I will maybe have some ideas.


  1. I must show my daughter your photos so she can see what to do with her Broad Beans which are finishing. Do you compost your Strawberries Anne ? Are the bottles on the canes to protect your eyes ? Our Onions aren't filling out yet. I wish there were Allotments in our village. Our kitchen Garden is too small. Marion

    1. Marion, as I understand it, the roots of the beans hold the nitrogen which is good for the soil, so I leave them and the tops go on the compost heap. The strawbs I will pick over and compost big old plants, I might pot up any young plants for next year. And yes the bottles are so I won't poke my eye out. Doesn't always work!
      Maybe you could try garden sharing with someone who doesn't like gardening, if you need more space. Or containers in every corner. My carrots are in an old recycling box.