Friday, 19 July 2013


It is so very dry now, the soil is dry well down under the surface.  It is just about polar opposite of what it was like last year.  We have had no rain since the 23rd June and precious little before that from mid-May.

But we do have tap water readily available, for which, as Lee says in his blog, we are very grateful, as so many don't have that luxury.

Where it hasn't been worked, the soil is baked hard and no way can you get any weeds out that have deep roots.  The tops get knocked off and that is it. But I am developing quite a tan even though I'm using factor 50 sun cream.

I found two dead (I thought) mice in different parts of the plot, but on reflection I realised they they were too big for mice, and they had hairy tails not naked like rats'. I looked it up in my book and it looks like they may be voles of some variety.  It is strange to find two dead bodies in one day, when in five years I don't think I have ever found any before. They both seemed undamaged apart from where the insects had been at them.  I didn't investigate the C.O.D. (as they say in CSI) any closer, my curiosity isn't that strong. Is it coincidence or could it be something to do with the abnormal weather?

The strawberries are coming to an end, they might have lasted longer if it had rained, but they have been lovely while they lasted.  I have picked about 14 lbs altogether and they have been quite large but not so prolific as 2011.
A cucumber! (Marketmore)

 And peas and mangetout with our fish fingers today.  How exotic!
Was going to be broad beans as well but I'm fed up with shelling peas and I'm not going to start on beans until I've recovered.  

I'm going to make peapod soup with the overlarge mangetout and empty peapods.

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