Thursday, 8 August 2013

celeriac emergency

Late last night I was browsing my fave website and was horrified to find out that celeriac needs to be fed! And fed at least once a week and every day if possible.  Horror of horrors! I haven't fed them once, never mind every day!

I was all set to hotfoot it down to the plot, until I realised it was almost midnight and it would probably survive until the morning. But, oh no! I had an appointment in the morning!  Would the celeriac last out until the afternoon???

Relax, dear readers, as you might guess, the celeriac was fine, if a little small. One of them had been mined by something and was seriously caved at one side, but the top was still growing away happily. All of which probably had nothing to do with being undernourished.

I gave them a generous dose of maxicrop, pulled off the outer leaves and weeded around them and the Chioggia.

Phew! Disaster averted!

It was a bit of an anticlimax to spend the rest of my visit cleaning and tidying the onions, but quite satisfying to finish with rows of shiny red onions.

I also found 5 cucumbers, one Marketmore and four Diva, and a Sweet Dumpling winter squash. 
Yes, I know there are only four cucumbers on this photo, but we had one for tea, and very sweet it was too.  I haven't decided the best way to deal with the squash.

The lilies in the back yard are fairly busting a gut at the moment.

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