Thursday, 1 August 2013

gooseberry jelly

I put the cooked fruit in an old pillowcase and hung it up to drip its juices overnight. 
The results of this morning's work....

It looks lovely and clear. Source of the recipe here. Taste test to follow....

Edit, 4/8/13
It looked lovely, tasted lovely, but unfortunately ran off the bread when spread.  I reboiled, re-washing, re-sterilizing, re-labelling all the jamjars, only to find it was too solid, and wouldn't spread at all, just sat like a lump of chewing gum on the knife. I was about to give up and throw it out when I thought I would try just adding some water.  So I added a teaspoon or two of water to a jar, microwaved it for 30 seconds to warm it up and gave it a good old stir.  And it worked!  It isn't a jelly anymore, more a seedless jam, and it isn't as lovely looking as it was but at least it is usable now.

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