Friday, 30 August 2013

harvest and a half

I've got a ridiculous amount of garden produce backing up on the scullery bench, waiting to be used.

That monster cucumber at the front is supposedly a mini cucumber La Diva, "La sinka lika stona" more like!
Ugly brute ain't it? I wonder it it will last until the allotment show.

The tomatoes are ripening thick and fast too

 The yellow ones are sungold and very delicious, I will try those again next year.  The green one is just a green one that fell off, but I gather that there are some varieties which are green when they are ripe.  Not quite sure why you would want that, but I'm probably a bit of a traditionalist where toms are concerned.

Another half a bucket full of runner beans.
And some of the Bedfordshire Champions drying in the garage.

And the weather is still good, I cannot believe how good this summer has been, it almost makes up for the last two stinkers we have had.
I'm beginning to worry about next year now, it's going to have to work hard to compare with this one.

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