Wednesday, 21 August 2013

mouldy onions

Watered the tomatoes in the greenhouse, crawled around the netting tunnel, weeding and feeding the broccoli and kale.

As I go along I am pulling out any onions that have turned over and lying them down to dry with their roots facing south, but today came across one which pulled out suspiciously easily and had lots of white mould underneath on the roots. The same on one clump of spring onions too. Neighbouring onions didn't seem to be affected, I just hope it isn't the dreaded onion white rot, as that stays in the soil for years.

Sowed some winter hardy salad onion seeds (White Lisbon) and a couple of small rows of corn salad.

Picked some more runner beans, some more cucumbers, a few tomatoes.  There are still a lot of green tomatoes at the plot, but the ones at home are ripening fast and I am picking three or four every day (that's not counting the 100s&1000s which are very prolific but only the size of raisins) The big tomatoes haven't ripened yet (the marmande and the one black russian) but they went in later than the others.

The cucumbers are reaching epidemic proportions, I've gone through the pleading with neighbours to take some stage, and I'm starting to throw them away at the slightest excuse.  I have a recipe for cucumber piccalilli which I am going to try when I have assembled the required ingredients.  Flaked sea salt is one of them, I don't think they sell that at the local offie or Medina store.

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