Saturday, 17 August 2013

phacelia sown

Used up the last of the comfrey feed on the celeriac

and fortunately there is a new crop of comfrey waiting to be harvested.  Oh, joy! another bucket of pure nostril-searing niffiness.

Picked more runner beans and sweet peas.  I certainly cannot fault the performance of the legume family this year.

Sowed some green manure (phacelia) seeds in a couple of the empty beds.  In rows in the onion bed.

There only a few onions yet to turn over their tops so I sowed around them.  It is looking amazingly weed free for the time of year.  I'm usually knee deep in buttercups and plantain by now, but the weather has been so fine for so long, I've been able to get to the plot just about every day for an hour or so, watering, weeding and picking, for weeks now.

I also broadcast sowed some phacelia in the old strawberry bed
 where I had dumped the old compost before I was stopped by the wasps' nest.

I saw the fox again yesterday, a few feet away, as it dashed down the central path from one end of the plot to the other, and out through the gate, all in a split second while I was standing gaping.

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