Wednesday, 7 August 2013

potato bag

I emptied the bag I've been growing some potatoes in.  They were in the greenhouse at first and when the weather warmed up they went out into the back garden.  I'm sick of tripping over them every time I go to that part of the yard. They've been watered and fed constantly since March and its time to open the box!

Bit of an anticlimax, eh?

Seems a long time and a lot of nurture to get to about 2 kilos of potatoes.  Oh well, that's gardening for you. I would have been grateful for that amount of potato last year.

Another let-down was the sweet corn, which wasn't quite ready.  It would've been better to have left them for a few more days, but I got impatient.  My fault! I forgot to take pics but they looked quite like proper corncobs but pale cream rather than yellow.

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