Sunday, 18 August 2013


One of the butter-nut squash's leaves were turning a bit yellow, and when I looked at the whole length closely, every flower was male, with only one female flower right at the furthest tip of the plant.
Considering that the year is getting on and the nights usually start getting cold in September, plus the fact that the plant itself seems to be saying "no more", I decided it was time to pull it out.

The only butter-nut which produced any females was also the only one which grew tendrils for climbing. It made two large squashes only and I had hand pollinated those.

There was also a pumpkin and a sweet dumpling in the same state, no female flowers, one nearby and one in another bed, so they came out too. I can only assume that there was something in the growing conditions that those plants didn't like, because even though they were a bit yellow they weren't damaged or chewed, and were growing quite vigorously with yards and yards of leafy stems snaking around the beds.

I've still got two butter-nuts, courgettes, and lots of pumpkins and sweet dumplings.

I cut off a few more pumpkins which I am going to pass on to my son who is a much more adventurous cook than I am, the last of the corncobs, and a few tomatoes,
Picked more runner beans and some spinach beet leaves for the dinner tonight.

 Found four more diva cucumbers (they really are making up for lost time!). I still like cucumber sandwiches but the novelty is beginning to wear thin.

I picked a few more tomatillos, I might try making some soup if there is enough. I added a chopped one to the potato salad and it fitted in very well, little sharp spots of citrus in the mayo mix, a bit like a very green pepper.

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  1. After reading your post Anne I will put our Butternut Squash in the Greenhouse. We have some Dwarf French Beans called Speedy which should be called Slowee. Your Tomatillos look interesting. I am thinking about sowing some more Spinach but it is feeling a bit nippy this evening. Take care. Marion