Tuesday, 6 August 2013

tomatoes ripening

Torrential rain yesterday, so the ground is well hydrated at last. The upside is that it was my turn to water the plants at the allotment today, so I got off lightly there.  It was more a matter of emptying the trays under the plants, than putting water on.  It is a lovely day today.

All the tomatoes at home, except for the black russians, are coming on nicely, I took off the first of the bambino toms today.  They are quite sweet and nicely formed cherry toms, but not very prolific. According to info acquired, they are F1 hybrids and shouldn't breed true from last year's seeds, but they look and taste very like tomatoes, so I'm happy.

I cut down two of the black russian plants.  Great big strapping plants they were, but not a single fruit between them, the flowers mostly just fell off without setting fruit and the few that had set were tiny and not getting any bigger. I haven't the space to keep plants that don't produce the goods. The third plant has one tomato on it so it has a stay of execution.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse at the plot are looking good considering they were the runts of the litter.  Some sweet million and black cherry are turning orange.

I took the vegetable transportation vehicle (the pram) to the plot and loaded it with all the potatoes and about 20 onions. Poor thing, it was staggering a bit, not built for 2 stone babies. I also picked a load of runner beans three courgettes and one of the vegetable spaghetti squashes.

I don't know if the squash was ripe or not but it wasn't getting any bigger, so I cut it off to give the other two a better chance.

I also picked, wonder of wonders, two La Diva cucumbers, those are they on top of the runners in the picture.
And there are more developing.  It must have been the dry weather which was holding them back.

I weeded for the required half hour and then cut off the tops of the strawberry plants, laid out a few more onions which had turned over, made a cup of tea with the ghillie kettle, did some more weeding.  All in all a pleasant couple of hours.

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