Thursday, 1 August 2013

Still warm

Very warm again today.  Overcast but sauna-like outside. 25C. Rain overnight so the weeds will be loving it.

The old strawberry bed.  I've covered it with cardboard, lasagne-style, and am dumping all the soft stuff which will rot down over winter.

Plenty of pumpkins on the hugelkultur bed

And the butternut gets bigger and bigger

This is what happens when you leave a garlic past its time

That white spot is a butterfly in my supposedly insect proof brassica tunnel!  Oh well!

I took the pak choi out as it had bolted and wasn't producing big leaves.

I dug up some more potatoes and they are not as clean as the earlier ones, some holes here and there, but still not bad. It is only to be expected, they have been in the ground longer.  I think I might dig all that bed up and store them rather than leave them for the slugs.

I dug up a fennel (Sussexmouse, this is NOT what a fennel is supposed to look like) even though it has bolted and I'm going to try making some soup with it anyway.

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