Tuesday, 13 August 2013

wasps nest

Just because I haven't written my diary for a few days doesn't mean there is nothing happening.  It is just that it has been the same every day and it gets a bit repetitive, as follows...

Picked runner beans, picked sweet peas, picked cucumbers, picked tomatoes (that's new), put onions to dry, watered tomatoes and squashes, weeded.

I decided to do something different by starting to empty the oldest compost heap. I am sieving the worst of the undigested matter out and using it to fill up the old strawberry bed, on top of the layer of cardboard and compostable material I have been putting there.

I hope that after the winter has done its worst it will all have broken down to a reasonable growing medium, and the bed will be a genuinely raised bed.

I say starting to empty the compost bin, because I got halfway down and there was a sudden increase in wasp activity.  I backed off and watched lots of very small wasps zooming in and out of the corner of the compost bay. I crept in on hands and knees, braving the buzzing, and could just see the insects busily doing insecty things in their little hideyhole.
Apparently wasps are really valuable allies in the war on pests in the garden, so as I had been very uncharitable to them when they wanted to build a nest in my hut, I thought I would not disturb them any further and left finishing the compost bin for another day.

The strawberry bed was just about full anyway, and my back was beginning to mention politely that it had had enough for the day.

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