Tuesday, 10 September 2013

apple trees

I made up some garlic water to sprinkle onto the places where the mouldy onions were (1 crushed garlic clove to 1 watering can full of water.  Rather than carry it from home I made it up in a jamjar, left it overnight to steep and diluted it at the plot, and phew! it was smelly!

I changed my mind about putting the caliente mustard in after onions, when I remembered that I wanted to plant the hispi in the brassica tunnel, so I will sow that after the cabbage is out in the spring.
 I planted out six of the Hispi cabbage into the brassica tunnel (NB remember to change the netting as soon as the butterflies go away.)  only because they are getting chewed to death

in their pots.  Not sure if it will make much difference as the kale which has been in the tunnel all along, is looking pretty ragged too.

The left over badly damaged ones I planted here after I had watered it with garlic water.

I found one of the celeriacs had gone to seed, so I that is on the compost heap.  It was about the size of a tennis ball.  No point in trying to save it, the last one was as tough as old boots and didn't cook down at all.

I took some pictures of the new apple trees, just to say what they looked like after their first year. (A bit blurry, but I find the camera on the phone is much more sensitive to camera shake than the proper camera is)

James Grieve

James Grieve close-up

Kidd's Orange Red (no fruit but some new growth)

Howgate Wonder (deceased)

Old apple tree (east)  lots of blossom in spring, smallish fruit,but lots of them, and clean

the west old apple tree which is not well, not much blossom and scabby fruit.
Of the two trees I bought first, one has died and the other is just about holding up, it has put some new growth on this year, but no fruit, which is okay for a young tree. These were both planted in the soil.
The next two trees I bought were planted in pots, and they have done amazingly well.  Both have lots of leaves, new side-shoots and I even had to summer prune them.  I have allowed each one to keep three apples, I pulled a couple off each tree, apparently I should really have pulled them all off in their first year, but I just couldn't do it.

The runner beans are still producing well, I am sure I will be able to find 6 matching pods for the show on Saturday.

I also potted on the celery experiment. A while back in June, I cut the base of a shop-bought head of celery, you know, the bit that is left after you have used all the stalks, into four pieces and sprouted them on damp kitchen paper.  They have been in little pots for the last few months in a corner of the plot.  But I think it might be too late to plant them out, I don't know if they would be up to getting through the winter, so I have put them in deep pots of compost and GrowOrganic and put them in the greenhouse. 
They might survive in the cold frame if I have to move out of the greenhouse, (it isn't mine, just an empty one on the next plot which I have annexed) it is possible that eventually my neighbour might want his greenhouse back, but it is more slug/snail free in there, and it would just be until the really cold weather starts.

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