Monday, 16 September 2013


Well, back to earth after my moment of fame....3 firsts and a third! Eee! would you credit it?

The current high winds and rain have properly done for the sweet peas, the wigwam has a serious list today and the flowers are fading badly. I'm leaving them to go to seed to use for next year.

Everything is starting to die back, the leaves on the squashes are turning yellow and going a bit droopy.

The tide of cucumber has begun to ebb at last, only three ready to pick this week-end.

I have picked about 20 tomatilloes with the idea of crystallising slices of them and then covering them in dark chocolate.  If successful they might make an interesting gift at Christmas. I'll have to try it out first of course, and the snag is that there might be no tomatilloes left by the time I test them out, they take four days to make.
Update: They crystallised okay, but lost all their limeyness and didn't taste of anything except sugar, so I didn't bother with the chocolate coating - it would have been a waste of good chocolate.

I'm also planning to use up some of the surplus cucumbers by making some cucumber pickle, yes, some more cucumber pickle.  A different recipe this time, bread and butter pickle.  We haven't used the last lot yet, but I'm sure we will eventually.

The surplus beans are going to be left to dry on the vine, so I can use them for soups and stews or as seeds.

Something is chewing the kale, it looks like caterpillars but I can't see any, but there was some tiny snails.  I wonder if they are the culprits.  Surprisingly, the kale outside the netting is looking better than that inside.

From all this rivettingly interesting information, it can be gathered that things in the garden are winding down for the autumn and there is not a lot to do.

Celery experiment latest: I have left one pot in the greenhouse, one pot in the cold frame, another is in the brassica tunnel and the other is beside the celeriac, unprotected. I don't think they will over winter, but we will see.

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