Sunday, 29 September 2013

Elderberry Jelly

I made the elderberry jelly, that poor pillowcase is getting a hammering this season, it is looking like fx from CSI.  I might invest in a jelly bag if this goes on.
The jelly looks beautiful and it set like a dream.  I will admit to getting cold feet about the set of the jelly and I added some pectin with the sugar, as well as boiling the apple liquid down to half its volume.  But looking at it now, it probably would've been okay without and I had forgotten that there is a very simple and quick pectin test which I could have done instead.

There was a scum on the surface which was quite difficult to skim off.  I have since heard that sometimes putting the jelly through a sieve takes the scum off, or just adding a bit of butter clears it.  I will know for next time.  The only disappointment was that it wasn't my fave blackcurrant jelly, it looked like it but didn't taste like it. I would really like to make that sometime.  Although we now definitely DO NOT need any more jam!  I think we have enough to keep us in jam roly-poly till 2015!

I went to the Allotment trading hut this morning to get a new King's seed catalogue (the allotments association gets discounts) and got lured by a barrow load of manure and one of soil improver (as you do!)
The manure went on the strawberry bed, which seems reluctant to die back but no doubt will eventually.  The soil improver has gone into a dumpy bag until the hugelkultur bed is empty.

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