Saturday, 7 September 2013

gate crash

I had to fight my way through the gate today, the wind had blown my arch down and it had taken the honeysuckle with it, (more likely the other way around as I don't think the arch was strong enough to pull anything down)
So it has all had to be cut down.  The honeysuckle will recover, but I don't think the arch will.

The sweet peas are all lop-sided too
And you have to fight your way through them on the path, they smell nice though.  I was thinking I could pick some for the allotment annual show, but I think the flowers might be a bit short stemmed or too bendy.

The show is next Saturday, 14th September, and I'm looking at the butternuts, runner beans and tomatoes, and maybe the potatoes and carrots as being possible entries.  I've got some pumpkins and winter squashes too

but there isn't a squash category in the list of classes, so they would have to be entered in the Any Other Vegetable, which is where I was going to enter the butternut(s)  We are only allowed one entry per class, so I will have to decide between them all, which to enter.  Problems, problems!

I found the leftover marrowfat peas that I bought in the market ages ago, when I was trying out growing peashoots, and then didn't like them very much.  So I sowed them in the empty beds as a green manure.  It might be a bit late for peas, but even if they shoot just a little bit I can turn it in in the spring and it will improve the soil.

The dots are peas, I couldn't be bothered to cover them properly, so I just broadcast them and then raked it over.

I pulled up some of the broad beans I left to go for seeds for next year. They look quite disgusting as it has rained quite severely on them and some were starting to go 
mouldy, but inside the blackened pods were nice shiny red beans (Red Epicure), like pearls in an oyster.  I will leave them to dry in the greenhouse, and I can see that shelling them will be a project for a winter's evening.

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