Wednesday, 25 September 2013

bit of a lull

I just found out that the pear tree's fruit doesn't ripen on the tree.  I think I might have heard this before, but the information hadn't sunk in.  So this pear (Loffelbirne), and there is only one, should be harvested late September/early October and then stored until December, when it will be ripe and succulent and should be cut in half and eaten with a teaspoon.  Watch this space!

The apples are looking good, but still not ripe yet.  I tried a James Grieve that was a bit battered looking and it was nice, but a bit tart and the seeds were pale instead of dark brown, so a few more days/weeks perhaps.

Not much going on at the plot.  The runners are getting too big to pick now, some of them you could use as cricket bats! Cucumbers are getting fewer and smaller.

I'm thinking I might put the cloche over the courgettes to keep them going a little longer.

I want to turn the compost heap but the wasps' nest is still pretty active so that is still a no-go area.

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