Wednesday, 4 September 2013

onions out

This is a strange looking onion flower.  I must've nipped off the flower bud and it has continued to grow regardless.

I dug out all the onions today, some of them hadn't turned over, but were only being kept upright by the stiff flower stalk.  They look good but, I hadn't realised that so many had gone to seed, a good 50%. Which sadly, means that they probably won't store very well.
Quite a few, perhaps 5 or 6 of the dozen onions in the brassica tunnel have gone rotten, a higher proportion than the one or two that is fairly normal.  I'm guessing that it was maybe too warm and humid in the tunnel.  I have grown them under netting in other years and they were okay, but perhaps the exceptionally warm weather this year has made the difference.

The butternut squash looks as if it is changing colour after all...
........not going brown though!

The sunflower shines in the sky.  Its about 8 ft high.


  1. I grow lots of butternuts, but they NEVER start off green. I'm wondering what variety yours are; I grow 'Waltham'. All my onions have been taken-in too... a huge crop.

    Best wishes, Cro.

    1. Hi, welcome to my diary. The butternut is just an ordinary Wilko seed. It says on the packet Squash (winter) Butternut f1, and the picture on the front is just your average bns. I'm baffled by it!