Saturday, 14 September 2013

Show day tomorrow.

 The blackberries are starting to ripen, and there are some real whoppers.

 I picked a punnetful.  But they aren't going into the show, they are in the freezer already until I get enough to make jam, or get some cookers to make a crumble.

It's the allotment show tomorrow and as I am helping on the plant stall, I have to be there anyway so I thought I would enter a few items in the show to join in the fun.  So today I was down at the plot selecting the straightest runner beans.  I had a lot to choose from this year for the first time.  I usually don't have enough at this time of year to be able to choose 6 similar beans.

 Below are the chosen few, but I'll keep the others as back-up in case of disasters.  They are in a damp tea towel in the bottom of the fridge, keeping straight until tomorrow.

I also rummaged around the carrot box and pulled (gently) a good lot of carrots.   None of these are the same size as the other, so they are as identical as I can get them.

Nice looking though, even though I says it myself.  The three favourites are the ones facing the other way in the foreground.

The onions won't win any prizes, as there is something wrong with all of them. It hasn't been a very good year for my onions, but the red ones have, strangely, done better in the looks department than the white ones. Two batches of three to choose from, the decision will be made in the morning. I have yet to find the string and some rings to stand them on.

I can't decide which to put in as an Any Other Vegetable, the sweet dumpling, or the mini-pumpkin or take the big step of cutting one or both of the butternuts.  I don't really think I will cut the bns yet as I want to see them through to the end and I'm told the flavour is better if they are allowed to ripen fully and the skin harden on the plant.

Oh, and a jar of raspberry jelly.

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