Saturday, 14 September 2013

Show time!

Plant stall

Beverley, selling well on the plant stall.

Cynthia and Sue selling raffle tickets, How Sue!

The Comfrey Project display stand
The Comfrey Project had many different vegetables on display, reflecting the many different cultures which grew them.
Quiet on the bookstall
Waiting for the rush to start...
BBQ and cakes, mmmm

Moorside's awards table

The artists' stall

It was good weather for  mid-September, it could have been warmer and sunnier, but at least it didn't rain and wasn't windy.

Plenty of people turned up to buy, and to look, and to enter their best vegetables and flowers into the show.  There was a trail for the children around the plots, with various points of interest (e.g. climbing beans or butterfly garden) signposted, and the plant stall had a good stock of vegetable and flower plants for sale.  Delicious burgers (accompanied by fresh sliced tomatoes supplied by moi from the annexed greenhouse) were for sale at the barbecue and some yummy cakes on the refreshments.  You could buy a jar of chutney, or an original watercolour by our resident artist, or some raffle tickets to win a Hornby train set.

But all this pales into insignificance when it came to The Show!

I'm dead chuffed, I won three first prizes and one third, admittedly the number of entries was quite low, but I am still pleased.

My carrots were much smaller than the competition's, but being clean and all a similar size seemed to make the difference.

 Again, my runner beans were smaller than the others but clean.

The raspberry jelly must've tasted okay, I don't know I haven't tasted it yet, but it was certainly nice and clear.

 I reckon my onions would have done better it I had tied some string around the tops, but I couldn't get the string to stay on.  I'll have to get some proper raffia for next time or take some string-tying lessons.

sweet dumpling winter squash.
The sweet dumpling was completely overshadowed by huge pumpkins.
It has been a good year for the squash and cucurbit family.

As an added bonus I won four bags of compost in the raffle!  I never win raffles!  And to top it all, when I got home and signed into my email, I had won £10 on the Thunderball!  Yay!

A very winning day in all respects.We didn't make huge amounts of money, but that was never the purpose of the day. It was a coming together day for old stagers and new joiners and a great way of getting to know your fellow plot-holders.


  1. Congrats! There's nowt like this at Nunsmoor. I think we're like the slightly scruffy distant relative!

    1. Pat said the same thing. Nunsmoor used to have one. You could suggest it to Karen for next year, but there is always the danger that you are the one who gets to organise it! You could start small with a biggest pumpkin or marrow competition.