Sunday, 22 September 2013

spaghetti squash

The weather has turned warm again, a high of 22C today and a low of 14C last night.

The runner beans are still growing and looking good, I've never known them look so good, so late in the season. But I'm leaving a lot of them on to get big, so I suppose that will slow the growth down.

Only one cucumber today.

I picked the two spaghetti squash, the foliage is dying back and the squashes haven't changed in size for weeks, so I think they are as ready as they will ever be.

They were a ton weight to carry home.

I raked over the old broad bean bed and sprinkled on some onion fertilizer.  I will plant the onion sets next week if it stays fine.
I've pulled the soil away from the sides to create a mini raised bed within the borders.  This is a labour-saving device; it gives me somewhere to leave the lumpy soil instead of trying to break every bit up, nothing much gets planted right up to the edge anyway, and hopefully it will lessen the rotting of the side boards if they aren't kept so damp all winter.  That's the theory, anyway.

The marrowfat peas I scattered a couple of weeks ago are sprouting nicely.

But something has eaten most of my cabbage seedlings, despite the slug pellets.
I would show you a picture but it would be just another picture of soil. Cabbage....Gone!

Just for the sake of closure, here is a picture of the first celery experiment flowering nicely.  No long stalks for the making of soup.  I'm going to leave it in to see what happens next.

The feathery leaves behind and to the side are the second sowing of fennel...too small for the time of year so I don't think they will come to anything.

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