Wednesday, 16 October 2013

allium and daffs

Stayed home and sowed allium christophii seeds, taken from the plant in the front garden, into a 5 inch pot.
Bought a bag of daffodil bulbs from Aldi and planted some in a nice blue pot

and the rest went into the empty patch in the front garden.

The marmande tomatoes are ripening slowly, while that dozy Black Russian has decided to flower at this late date.  No chance!

 The begonia I was given for my birthday in June is still flowering beautifully after a little lull.  I'm thinking I should take it into the house soon, along with the peppers on either side.

Although I have pretty much decided not to try to over winter the peppers again as they didn't crop well after the early start.  The peppers were very mis-shapen, but I am not sure what causes that.  I think it might be best to start with some new seeds for next year.

 And the christmas cactus has mis-timed it as usual.

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