Monday, 28 October 2013

currant bushes planted

I got to the plot late this afternoon, I forgot that the clocks had gone back yesterday, and boy! Did it get dark quickly!

I managed to scrape up the last two barrows of soil improver (got covered in mud as usual) and spread it on the old sweet pea bed, which is where I'm putting the currant bushes. I dug out the existing redcurrant because I want to build up the level of soil a bit more and it was sitting a bit low down in the so-called raised bed.

I then replanted it with suitable soil preparation, and also the white and the blackcurrant that I heeled in only yesterday.  If I had known I would get back to it so soon I needn't have bothered. But, hey! it was good experience for me.

So there they are..the red, the white and the blue.  It was getting dark by the time I was finished and that was only 5.00pm.   

I was going to pick some beans too, but it got too spooky so I came home.

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