Saturday, 12 October 2013

Front garden

The weather has been very threatening all day today so I confined myself to tidying the front garden, it gets very neglected in favour of the allotment.  I pulled about 20 baby comfrey plants and one absolutely huge one.  The bees have finished with them now and even though I have pulled them out I'm sure they will be back again next year.

I took down the oenothera and sunflowers B

as they were looking very bedraggled, but sunflowers A

have a bit longer to go, although the current windyness will probably finish them off.
The gaillardia

have been very good, bright jolly flowers which have been flowering for ages, and when the flowers have finished there is a sort of pompon seed head. Just the thing to cheer up a north facing garden.

I planted a load of summer bulbs a while back but very few of them came to anything.  There have been a few anonymous leaves coming up with no identifying flower attached so I don't know what they were. I took the leaves out, if they haven't flowered by now it is too late.
The soil isn't very good and I have to admit to neglecting that too.

Because I keep forgetting where I put things and then accidentally digging them up, I'm thinking I could start a frontgardenplan like the plotplans. But the shape may not lend itself so well to a spreadsheet as do the beds on a rectangular plot, so it might be easier to keep a record of it on paper as it doesn't change every year as the vegetable plot does. Although I would probably forget where I put the paper it was drawn on.  Mmm, I suppose it doesn't have to be realistic just schematic.

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