Thursday, 3 October 2013

Green tomatoes

All of a sudden botrytis is running rampant through the greenhouse at the plot, so as there wasn't that many tomatoes left to ripen, I cut them off and chopped up the plants.  I probably should've worn a facemask because there was mould spores flying all over.

When I say there isn't that many green tomatoes, I underestimated.  By the time I had washed and de-stalked them, there is 2.5kg of underripe tomatoes.

What to do, I wonder?  I know!  Make some green tomato chutney!  And I have found a recipe which uses some cucumber as well as tomatoes!  Result! Two birds.....
My jam/chutney shelf still has space for one or two jars, I think...I'm sure if I reorganise and chuck a few things out, I will find somewhere to put some extra jars.

I used a recipe from Good Housekeeping called "Green Tomato Chutney or Relish"

 The slices should've thinner, but I got fed up with slicing and gave it a couple of short blasts of the hand blender when it was cooked instead.

We have now got to wait three months for it to mature.  I hope it will be worth it.

Meantime I still have 2 lbs of green tomatoes left.

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