Friday, 18 October 2013

strimmer time

I remembered to take the strimmer to the plot, (The Pram came out again) and I strimmed the green manure in the old strawberry bed

I will come back to that and turn it in later.  

I also cut down the peas sown in one of the small raised beds so I could plant out the garlic I have been growing in modules.  

It didn't look as if they were growing at all, but when I tipped them out of their cells they all, except one, had lots of lovely roots underneath.

It has rained a lot this past few days, and I have some pools back on the plot

But the raised beds are looking nice and dry, so it has been worth the effort of putting them in.

Taken altogether, a successful and productive year so far, in stark contrast to the last one; I just have to try to maintain progress and continue to learn and improve.

Nearly forgot to mention that I pulled the first leeks of the season for soup today too.  I was surprised how big they have grown.

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