Monday, 7 October 2013

pear harvest in

Took the pear off the tree, and a sad specimen it is too.

The birds have had a go at it, it has cracked, and it is wood hard still.

Picked more blackberries, guess what is for afters today...

I have finally given up on the wheel of the barrow, the inner tube is leaking and the tyre has multiple cracks in it. I noticed last week that Aldi had new wheels the right size for £9.99, so as it was going to cost as much for new tyre and inner tube, plus the stress of broken fingernails and skinned knuckles, it was a no-brainer.

As it happened, I still got to enjoy the nails and knuckles thing, installing the new wheel, which was a very snug fit.

Hopefully, the barrow will now be up to the task of transporting my raffle prize-winnings from the plot. (4 x 70 litre bags of multi-purpose compost)

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